Human Ignorance

Master of Illusion is god of this World

First and most vitally important fact comes from our eternal Father telling billions that this world of churches is but an illusion - proven by scripture being truth the father of lies will keep you from accepting - thus making the realm of Yehovah Elohim totally unknown to this planet's seven plus billion worldly inhabitants which includes over two billion Christians; and solid reason is because His realm is spiritual being not of this world; therefore, at this time of prophecy, only those chosen and called out of this world have an in-depth spiritual understanding of Elohim, wrongly called God or many other titles by humans worldwide.

So exactly what does that mean for billions being believers through all different religions, titles, doctrines, traditions and beliefs worldwide?Scripture gives the answer to all questions regarding Elohim’s purpose for humanity through only absolute pure truth - when spiritually revealed - (Psalms 12:6, 18:30, 33:4, 119:140) - (Matthew 11:25, 13:11, 16:17, 19:11, John 6:65, 1Corinthians 2:10-14, Colossians 1:27, 1 John 2:20, 2:27).

The main answer given by scripture to all worldly believers, meaning still of this world and not called out of this world, remain misled through not even spiritually understanding these following words directly to them all. . .

1 Corinthians 2:13 along with much more scripture on firstfruits, obedient overcomers, and those existing as living sacrifices through having no interest in worldly ways is because their mind is on things above rather themselves. . .

 . . .which clearly reveal those few chosen who live their life as restricted inmates within Yehovah's spiritual prison having a heavy chain which leaves no choice in the way of their existence just as Job when greatly suffering, Paul, Jeremiah, Daniel, David, and all those called through history to this day whom lived on faith and suffered in many ways according to the will of Yehovah -- therefore became disassociated from the many of this world in the wide gate of deception not even knowing their gruesome coming time and ways of temporary death until the 2nd resurrection as written in the Bible.

 Revelation 12:9

Just one verse out of the 31,102 in the KJV most definitely reveals the the power over all minds the master of illusion holds, and that is because our entire worldly civilization which includes over two billion Christians don't believe they have been misled -- when in truth -- they are the most misled believers on this earth because they, being Israel, don't even know the massive power of Satan, why and for what purpose he was created, their own identity as Israelites, fact being that all churches are where Satan dwells, there is no eternal torture fires of hell, no rapture, and more strong fact being how all shepherds worldwide mislead their congregations while bringing believers own shed blood upon billions -- plus God and Jesus Christ are totally improper names being not the Hebrew titles of Yehovah and Yeshua which is one extremely important matter never taught in the religions of man.

Ask yourself this question:

How would you feel as creator of humanity along with everything throughout eternity when billions of believers have not even enough respect or knowledge to know or call you by your name which is Yehovah Elohim?

Deceptions stronghold comes because all as human beings of this world via association possess captured and controlled minds through the unknown extreme powers the Master Illusionist psychologically holds over all humans minds;


and does it through being the god of this world and father of lies with his power in the air delivering messages into all minds which lead through worldly ways, rather than within Yehovah’s spiritual realm being not of this world's civilization through complete disassociation.

Have you comprehended one word? The answer yes is the very few now being called out of this world's religions - The answer no is for all Christians remaining of this world's civilization, and within all churches without Yehovah's mercy through these coming years being the worst timesoftrouble filled with panic, total chaos, and death with no way of escape.This message just read from Proverbs 1 carries a very strong and true warning shepherds never teach -- but will learn in their shame when Yehovah is laughing at all their calamity and bloodshed because they ignored His truth and instruction.What you just read from Proverbs 2 & 3 is for those few who seek as instructed through being doers of the word rather than worthless hearers walking in their own paths of life. . .Revelation 18:3-7-- and know also this world of Christianity does not even know what the church really is while despising any telling them different from their belief.

. . .because by doing as the word instructs in Proverbs, Yehovah will direct your paths through faith, obedience and wanting to please Him because you have come out of this world, and it's controlled system of religions for His purpose during these end times -- thus making you one of few firstfruits in His little flock as written in Luke 12:32, or just a survivor because you became dependent on Yehovah for food, shelter and protection being another subject in this repeated link below.

But Christianity believes not His own words directly to them. Why is that?

Deuteronomy 31:29 answers that question in ways not taught or understood because this world of shepherds most certainly do not believe what Yehovah speaks against them all which is very detailed in the link above on Vital Untaught Truth; therefore but few even know who Israel even is, and those who do still know not Yehovah because they have not, teach not, and demonstrate not through deed love for others as Elohim commands in James 1:22-25 and 2:14-26 along with so much instruction on loving others never preached, I will not even try to fit in this writing; and if believers say it is taught, why don't they do as their Bible instructs in all things rather than the selfish ways my wife and I have experienced for over nine years? And Christians will deny their cruel actions as if Yehovah sees them not!

Israel's Identity

Want solid scriptures in the Bible showing how Elohim views those of this world?

Job 15:15-16-KJVPsalms 14:2-3-KJV Isaiah 59:1-2  - Iniquity is wrong doing, err, going astray from instruction while taking part in worldly ways, doctrines, and traditions such as unwritten pagan holidays like Christmas.

How does the Bible speak on those no longer of this world?

What you just read in John 15:19-20 means exactly as written; how do you feel and what do you really want from life? To become a firstfruit and reign with Yeshua during the millennial kingdom, or just a survivor through faith which will bring Yehovah's mercy and protection on you and your family for life during the millennium being more vital untaught truth in the link supplied.

1 Samuel 2:8 - My wife and I have lived almost a decade of poverty with no Christian love or concern in any way -- yet through faith -- we accept, give thanks for what we do have -- and know better times will come if only meals with basic needs. Colossians 3:1-4

The greatest unknown problem over this entire world of Christian's is their own mind which has been controlled by the unseen, unfeeling and unknown powers coming from the supreme mind controlling master illusionist - who at one time misled one third of the sons of God turning them into rebellious demons through slight of mind; and ever since Adam and Eve he has been the god of this world with the same powers over our entire human race --- and for Yehovah's purpose while doing the exact same to all Christians not willing to overcome his unseen psychological direction of mind through Yehovah's ignored warnings which has deceived this entire human race; and shepherds worldwide are the worst of all while knowingly and unknowingly selling their lies for love offerings, tithes, or whatever words they can use for financial gain being not biblical in the New Testament -- so I will say again they shall be the cause of much righteous blood just as written in Lamentations 4:13 - but out of context to the blind leading the blind; and just on those last words regarding shepherds, every word of Yehovah is true with links supplied through this writing showing more of what Yeshua, being 'The Word' speaks against all shepherds worldwide in our totally misled worldly human race.

Many say life is good, but how good is life in this disgusting world human rule has turned into a bloodbath of innocents along with oceans polluted, lakes polluted, rivers polluted, rain water polluted, drinking water polluted, soil polluted, air polluted, man-made junk yard pollution in orbit, governments polluted, religions polluted, banks polluted, business polluted and just one totally polluted human way of life for all because the master illusionist being the god of this world and father of lies has deceived this whole world exactly as written in Revelation 12:9? while continuously pumping all minds with everything but truth all humans believe in their own way -- this Christians will say heaven is good, [there is no heaven as all falsely believe because even Moses is still in his grave awaiting his firstfruit resurrection] rapture is good, [there are two resurrections in their own order, but no man made rapture as the snatching away from suffering so many blind believers have been made to believe through this world of blinded shepherds, or as you get snatched you can tell the 5 year old girl being raped and beaten - sorry cos I am better than you]. Love is good, [love from 99.9% of this world of believers end at their lips with no more because its deed that could cost; however Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 reveals there can be nothing hid which Christians shall be rewarded in the same measure. 


Church is good, [church means a group in Greek, therefore could be a group of terrorists and suicide bombers or the Bloods street gang - Yet all religious people see church as a building – and the buildings where believers congregate worldwide is where Satan dwells and controls which can be found in many verses - plus steeples have everything to do with the New World Order; and Jesus Christ had short hair with a strong body rather than the wimp image from Satan all worship. 1 Corinthians 11:14 as more foolishness to this world of scorpions hating written truth]. 

Hymns and praise is good being what all believers think and feel - but while shouting praise, waving their arms, tears of joy and more -- there are people everywhere suffering and dying because nobody really cares while over two billion believers sing and pay the devil his due for his sanctuaries and the preacher false teachers belly -- along with their superior pride -- because what none, no, not one knows is just how Yehovah views our entire misled human race. Romans 12:17-21

Brothers and sisters in Christ is good, if one believer can find just one more being genuine, real and in one accord having trust in only Yehovah's every word without division - because when a true brother speaks only truth as directed, this world of believers hate or despise him so bad, that in their so stingy way they can't even dump coals of fire on his head because of cost -- thus never even reading his works with Yehovah's truth because they have already judged him with a scorpions bite while having absolutely no care, no love, and no concern even though uncountable have the means to help even in small ways.

Truth is good, but according to Yehovah, there is no truth within this world of believers - and reason is because Christians can not spiritually digest what they have not been given through their disobedience because God has closed their mind and hardened their heart with Isaiah 6 and Revelation 6 side by side telling them all what they don't know or understand -- even though its their separation from Yehovah leading to their death, or being scattered into enemy prison camps worldwide as made clear in scripture.

Obedience is good, but there is no obedience just as you read in Revelation 12:9, Job 15:15-16, Psalms 14:2-3, 53:2-3, Romans 3:10-20, and if you say that’s not true you are calling God a liar.

Loving others as we love ourselves to the point where we would lay our lives down is a commandment directly from Yeshua our Lord, and according to scripture, without that love Yehovah cannot be known, 1 John 3:15-18, 4:7-8 along with no entrance into the tree of life because no blessing for doing all of God's commandments made clear in Revelation 22:14-15 -- until purging fires of repentance – and my wife and I have lived over 9 years of hardships through hunger, sickness and lack of very simple basic needs while making it very well known for years to this world of believers via hundreds of thousands of views through 15 free websites, and near a thousand blogs on truth. and this world the way it truly is posted regularly in very many religious sites while experiencing the greatest greed, hate, and persecution coming from this world of loving Christians shown well through their silence with dead faith made very clear in this and many writings.

Eternal life is good, but only comes through hard nonstop works becoming doers of the word as written in James 1:22-25, and made perfectly clear in Hebrews 5:9.

Television is good, talk shows are good, news is good, Discovery is good, National Geographic is good, History is good, Animal Planet is good, sitcoms are good, entertainment is good, movies are good, cartoons are good, and sports are good. Or are they really good spiritually speaking?

Everything people watch on television, read in major magazines, or hear through all major world media, and even music, is all fully controlled through giving people only what world rulers want them to see, hear, and deeply digest with just everything worldly in every category being only mind grabbing worthless and ignorant through having absolutely zero spiritual meaning with the only purpose of putting all humans minds anywhere and everywhere but on truth; and the coming New World Order, now almost in place, which alone is going to completely extinguish all spiritual truth, just as it has been doing for decades through all controlled major religions, and all big name preachers which Christians love to hear, pay, believe, trust, and even worship.

Now understand this: Discovery, National Geographic, History, Animal Planet, Asian Living, How It Was Made, Cooking, Homes, and many more shows can be very interesting, and very educational -- until viewed spiritually -- because only then can the few see nothing but what is worldly -- thus minus our coming destiny.

Earth Polluted by Its Very Own People

Earth is polluted by its very own people,
    who have broken its laws,
Disrupted its order,
    violated the sacred and eternal covenant.
Therefore a curse, like a cancer,
    ravages the earth.
Its people pay the price of their sacrilege.
    They dwindle away, dying out one by one.
No more wine, no more vineyards,
    no more songs or singers.
The laughter of castanets is gone,
    the shouts of celebrants, gone,
    the laughter of fiddles, gone.
No more parties with toasts of champagne.
    Serious drinkers gag on their drinks.
The chaotic cities are unlivable. Anarchy reigns.
    Every house is boarded up, condemned.
People riot in the streets for wine,
    but the good times are gone forever—
    no more joy for this old world.
The city is dead and deserted,
    bulldozed into piles of rubble.
That’s the way it will be on this earth.
    This is the fate of all nations:
An olive tree shaken clean of its olives,
    a grapevine picked clean of its grapes.

Isaiah 24:5-13 - The Message

All middle class life once known in America along with ridding billions of lives which have become as a cancer to this earth is the plan for the New World Order; and this is fact according to the few elites as world controlling rulers; but its also fact being the hundreds of millions in America either don't know, don't believe or have taken their coming chaos into their own hands rather than turning to Yehovah for direction, and being this world is filled with religious hypocrites not living as instructed, therefore I can't blame them through standing up for themselves, their rights, and even willing to die rather than becoming as a controlled slave, because truth is not known.

Tomorrows world news can be found in two places.The first is the Holy Bible having over 31,000 verses which give all one needs to know about life and death. The second is the Georgia Guidestones as a message to humanity.

The Master illusionist being the father of lies has hidden absolute truth from all due his slight of mind powers through psychological control over all humanity – less the few not of this world who are hated and despised by this world of lip loving Christian frauds and hypocrites being exactly how Yeshua describes them all through scripture being truth – and the reason all rebel is because Elohim knowing all things said they would just as they always have.

Everything Yehovah hates in humans comes from their pride as if everything to them is just fine – when in truth – their pride goeth before destruction. Proverbs 16:18

Proverbs 1:22-33 has a very strong end time message for this world of believers refusing to hear. But if only they would read all 66 verses in Lamentations 3 -- they would realize it becomes them during punishment crying out to Yehovah who will not hear; and when they say how Yehovah never will forsake them -- just as always through mislead -- Isaiah 54:7-8 is totally unknown because blind shepherds cannot teach blind congregations any truth.

Through all my years of no other life aside from growing close to Yehovah through faith, I still use free webs with limited space. I have carried no wallet, no ID, or had no funds for the better part of almost ten years. We have no usable printer because ink cost more than the Brothers we purchased in 2011; and to this world of believers filled with words of praise and love, any help at all from even just one is totally out of the question; and that is because helping with Yehovah's truth they all see as foolishness is wrong as made clear in John 15:19, especially if involves their quarter.

Whether you are a believer or non believer, at least read these first links because they show your coming destiny in ways you will hate and not even believe - until you find yourself sinking in the slow quicksands of world chaos with no way to escape; because then you will remember how you had been warned as written in Ezekiel 2:5


ADDED 5/23/2018  Offers a good choice being over 270 individual reads on various subjects concerning the major mess America and our entire world civilization is truly in; and includes religious deception worldwide according to the Bible which Christian majority refuses to believe – even though it has been written in the words they are to live by.